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Honmaki Rebel

This is my honmaki rebel 170cc engine from vietnam. I think it is american, but manufacture in taiwan, china, or maybe even vietnam, (correct me if I'm wrong). The bike is not fast but decent in such a crowded and congested country. Not sure how reliable the rebel is, but with only 2300km on the odo, the speedometer is no longer accurate, (funny but true). Other than that the bike look and ride very ok. I didn't start the engine because when the kickstand is down, the engine will turn off. The engine sound decent too. Anyone else have a honmaki product, please share your opinion. Chiec rebel nay la 170 cm3 o ben tre. Bay gio no chay duoc 11500 km roi. Chay cung ok lam, nhung lau lau hu mot chut. 6800 km phai thay vong` bac, roi thay binh xang con. Bay gio no chay ngon lam. Co ai co chiec xe giong xe nay khong, biet no chay het ga duoc bao nhieu km/h khong ??

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