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Hyosung 2006 gt650 problems

First off any one to read and give real advice, any, thank you very much. I have no idea what to do and am not trying to spend all the little money I have. I have a 2006 Hyosung gt650. It is a great bike but I am having an issue with the top end power. Power begins to go in and out when holding slightly over 80mph and around 5500 rpm. I can take it up to 110 / 120 mph but when trying to stay at any speed over 80-85 the power begins to come in and out. If you stay on the gas the bike will eventually die. Some history: It was a show room bike I got brand new. I (now) know the guy I bought it from is a terrible mechanic / dealer and did not do a lot of stuff to get it read ready he should have. It had this problem initially but after a carb clean it got better. The carb was cleaned and adjusted by another mechanic who has never worked on Hyosungs and it then backfired all the time on deceleration. To fix that, and make it sound nice, I had a third mechanic (who does work on Hyosungs) put a 2 brothers exhaust, jetted, cleaned and synced the carb. It ran PERFECTLY! Then I took it out on a long ride. The top end problems started up again after the ride. I am also am beginning to hear more of a rattle from the pipe when I really get on the gas. I highly doubt it is the brand new 2 brothers exhaust. I checked all the bolts, exhaust manifold bolts, its all tight. My only guess is the fuel pump, and that I should replace that and maybe the tank. The tank is also an issue and not ...



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