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Hyosung GT125R Tribute

My Hyosung GT125R, I brought this bike Friday the 13th of march, since then i have done 1500miles. I crashed this bike Sunday 29th of March. This is my tribute to the machine that brought me happiness. 'the crash' I ran out of road on the corner travelling at around 50-60mph in a 40mph zone. I straightened the bike up and rode up the bank, the bike and i were a staggering 2 and a half metres (witness point of view) from the road and travelled around 6 metres along. As you can see from my boots, full gear is essential. These vehicles aren't toys and i feel very stupid for crashing after only 2 weeks but if there's anything good to have come from it, it's the evidence i can show others. My Injuries are minimal as i was wearing the full gear, A bruised hip and shoulder, sprained ankle, cut on my elbow and a few other scratches. Music: Aika - Alex Way (Myself) Repairs: Labour 320.00 1 headlamp fairing bracket 82.96 1headlamp fairing 165.18 1 right-hand mirror 59.12 1 right-hand front indicator 18.11 1 right-hand front fork leg 419.74 1 headlamp screen 69.95 1 front mudgaurd 39.02 1 front wheel 229.09 1 right-hand side fairing 125.68 1 right-hand handlebar 73.47 1 right-hand handlebar end weight 9.00 1 front brake lever 18.75 1 complete exhaust system 546.13 1 rear swinging arm 105.18 1 rear wheel spindle 12.96 1 right-hand rear footrest 14.11 1 right-hand rear footrest bracket 25.94 1 seat housing 148.86 1 rear no. plate light 24.64 1 rear right-hand indicator 18.11 1 pillion ...

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