Video - Rain 2010

Videa Hyosung RT 125 Rain 2010

Rain 2010

Shot by korazen, duduk solo improvised and performed by korazen. This started as a stabilization and slow motion test for a contourHD 60fps helmet camera footage taken in a rainy day in istanbul. Stabilization was done with 3d camera tracking in PFtrack, and later by correcting that camera in Maya. I also used Virtualdub to correct the barrel distortion and Deshaker to correct rolling shutter effect before tracking process. I pushed that 60fps further up to 120 fps after the stabilization process with the use of pixel motion mode of Timewarp feature in After Effects. The music was performed with an ebony wood duduk. The motorcycle is a hyosung rt 125 d. Shot, edited and recorded in May of 2010.

rain, contourhd, slowmo, slow motion, helmetcam, duduk, doudouk, 60 fps, 120 fps, pixel motion, timewarp, motorcycle, video stabilization, 3d stabilization, camera tracking, deshaker, istanbul, ortakoy, arnavutkoy, rt 125 d, karion, korazen



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Autor: Korazen
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