Video - TGB 303 Laser 50cc to 72cc Racing Upgrade

Videa Hyosung RX 125 TGB 303 Laser 50cc to 72cc Racing Upgrade

TGB 303 Laser 50cc to 72cc Racing Upgrade

TGB 303 Laser 50cc to 72cc Racing Upgrade TGB TGB is making a strong name in the US and we highly recommend these new scooters for anyone looking for a quality race scooter. Imported and Distributed by Cobra Powertsports these modern 2 stroke scooters are easy to upgrade and perform extremely well. Older Pierspeed scooters previously imported use the Minarelli engine. The 50cc scooter range is based on a Franco Morini engines a design similar to the old Italjet scooters available in the late 1990's. They have several differences from the standard European Franco Morini parts so be careful when upgrading and picking parts for these units. Pre-2004 units use different performance parts which were previously imported into the US by Motobikes USA or KPI. This chart is only for the newer TGB USA / Cobrasales 2005 units. For older units please use the measurements parts charts when looking for a part. - Cobra Powersports the US importer for TGB also has its eyes on the new 250cc model that's been making the trade shows so TGB fans should stay tuned to news from the company. - The newer 150cc TGB scooters use the GY6 engine. We highly recommend this brand for any dealership looking for a quality scooter at a good price. - We strongly recommend using a Polini or Malossi cylinder kit on these units and an MRP racing exhaust for the R50X part # N-MP-02059 other 50cc TGB units use the N-MP-02046. TGB TGB 303, Lazer, and RX 50cc N-MP-02046 MRP 50cc / 70cc Racing ...

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